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7.5.2003: mmm yum. now you can look at the exotic sea creatures that live in our mudhole lake. wait... no! i mean... the fireworks on the fourth of july. i don't think our little town does half bad... considering the lack of funding that must inevitably exist. yep. quite a good time.

6.24.2003: Whew! Visit our new, extensive and time consuming Pictures from Graduation Parties '03.

6.23.2003: what about The New Year's Eve Party this past time around? i also fixed the passing reality link and messed around on the links page.

: check out what our Christmas Break '02 looked like.

6.21.2003: Woah. The Picture Gallery Update-A-thon has only just begun!!! Remember back when These were on the website? Here are some Eyeballs that you've probably already seen. And I added my pictures to the Graduation 2003 Gallery. Dagnabbit!!!! Now those links actually work.

: new layout, eh? pink and green with pi. Megan hasn't approved it yet and it's awfully presumptuous to just upload it but dagnabbit I got impatient. it's not fun to have a new layout sitting in a folder and not have it being looked at. but it might change again mighty soon. i'm starting to not like it. i found out today that the content frame is too small for most of the pictures in the picture galleries, which is what most people come here for aside from the blog. so now each gallery opens to a new window.. which is utter crap after already opening a new window for the page itself. ah well... i also got rid of the scribble link on every page because it hasn't been operational for like over a year. i saved all the old scribbles though.. somewhere. i just have to format them. we need to start a history section for all of the old things we never use/do anymore but want to save. like the daily image page and that randoms and the arte. we really don't update like we used to. :(

5.30.2003: Two new picture galleries... Pictures From the Nuclear Reactor and Pictures from The Synchrotron Radiation Center

12.25.2002: slight adjustments to the links page tonight while i'm hermitting away. we've got a new band site, an old link i forgot to put up, and the recently opened shiatzee.com.

10.27.2002: i've just ressurrected a bunch of old galleries that i bet you never knew existed. they're probably listed on the wrong place on the galleries page, so if you know the correct order (which is chronological i might add) please let me know or in the case of megan, change it. raught. re-introducing: Pictures From Dinner, Pictures From Paula's Camera, Pictures From All Over The Place. ta-da!

10.22.2002: and as a final 'bout of get-things-accomplished-ness i've added old screenshots to the list of galleries.

: wheeee! we've found an old long lost picture gallery that disappeared probably during the pi-day disaster... an old favourite to many, a new delight for others, we give you the resurrecion of pictures from jazzfest '01.

: wheee. new layout. daisies. updated the links page. there's a button so that you can link us now if you feel inclined. also added a page for contests. enter and win!

: Things are changing....

6.16.2002: I added a few new puns...

5.24.2002: Only one new gallerie tonight: Anime Central 2002. I'm too lazy to start the Chicago one right now...

5.23.2002: Today we added five new image galleries: Pictures From WYSO, Prom Pictures, A Themeless Gallerie, Random Music Pictures and Soccer Pictures.

5.1.2002: It's not much, but I added a few puns

3.27.2002: A small and badly done new gallerie for a new band's cabaret performance.

1.2.2002: Some more pictures have been added to the B-town (That's Beloit..) gallerie.

12.31.2001: bahahahahahaha... update! gallerie: Goofy Gabe Pictures. oh joy.

12.29.2001: Yes! Another Update! This time it's a new picture gallerie: Pictures from B-Town

12.27.2001: Today I updated the section on me in the aboot section. And I'm still bored.

12.21.2001: Okay, so today I added some Arte, none of which created by Katrina or me, but one by Peter and another by Nichole. I also fixed the other arte pages, getting rid of the lavander (!!) text that was still on them.

12.20.2001: I know this may be hard for you all to believe but there has been *gasp* a new link added. *falls over*

12.10.2001: No.. there's no update. You should know better.

11.27.2001: New layout!

11.19.2001: New links!

11.18.2001: Did you guys want new content? Too bad... have some National Student Leadership Conference pictures. They aren't in chonological order.. but they have captions.

10.26.2001: New layout.. kind of.. same format.. different colors and stuffs...

10.17?.2001: See previous update.

09.29.2001: Slight, slight changes on the links page.

09.12.2001: Yoyoyo. One new piece of arte submitted by alec and brought to your screen by a collaboration of megan and katrina. mhmm.

08.26.2001: Megan here.. I just put up another new random, but you're going to have to find it! (It's not difficult.. really.. of course I already know where it is.. so.. )

08.22.2001: This is Megan. There are a couple of new sections in the Aboot Us section, and a new pun. [later] I also inserted my pictures into the florida picture gallerie, so now you have to go through and look at them all again. Or you could wait, because I'm getting AuBrie's ready and I'll probably add those in tomrorow because I'm sick of adding pictures in for tonight.

08.21.2001: Megan again.. I just put up a new gallerie: Pictures of Physics Extra Credit. I didn't get a 99.8% for nothing. Damn right. Katrina here.. hehe gotta love physics. Anywho, I just finished Pictures from Italy. Yay. A warning, though, *don't* go through and look at all of them. Asymptotical *does* promote wasting time, but not in such huge quantities. I'm telling you, there are a bajillion pictures there... It's Megan once again, I just put up a gallerie of pictures from Natalie's birthday party. Sadly, these pictures are captionless, as I wasn't invited. Katrina again, and now, they do have captions! Megan here, I just put up Pictures From Graduation and a Resulting Party. Also, some Pictures From the Last Day of School and Pictures From a Random Storms Party. That makes eight new image galleries these past few days.. six of which from this evening alone!

08.20.2001: Megan here, I just put up the Florida picture gallerie. So far we only the the pictures Katrina took up there, which is seven rolls of film and covers thirteen pages. We have yet to add the five rolls of film taken by Paula and me, so stay tuned for those.. once Katrina's Scanner decides to work. [later] This is Katrina, I've added a link: tangled.net, as well as added a paragraph to the bottom of the Aboot Us. Aaand, there's a new random, but its top secret, so I hid it-- you'll have to try and find it. Hehe. [Even Later] I resurrected Pictures from the Bluff from last year and made slight additions to the survey and its results.

08.03.2001: There a couple more puns, submitted by Jason. Thanks Jason! I also added some more submitted questions to the survey, and I'm working on something somewhat new. It's not done yet, but I thought I'd just show you all what I'm working on right now. -Megan

08.01.2001: One new pun. -Katrina

07.31.2001 (again): Megan here, I've been working on asymptotical all afternoon. Mostly just working on little things here and there. As for noticable changes, last night I added five new puns, and I did things to the survey. I made it so it was on our server instead of whatever it was that we were using.. then I made it so it was pretty and matched our site (which wasn't an option from the service we used). I also added some new questions, so everyone run along and take the survey right now!

07.31.2001: Isn't it obvious?

07.30.2001: Hey, yo. One new link added, one old link taken off. [mori no ike scrapbook '01]

05.19.2001: Yep. You guessed it. More puns. -Megan

04.28.2001: Katrina here. I've just fixed up the Ani Quotes page. Added a few more and got some perty pictures... along with an article! I couldn't find those quotes about Japan though! grrr... oh, and one new Chickypie Original Pun!

04.22.2001: Well, Katrina finally got herself on the internet and is proud to say she actually did some stuff. In a fit of frustration and exhaustion last night, she fixed the randomness archives so that they are now complete and perty. It might not look like much of a change to you folks, but there was a ton of junk that a normal human being would not have found important that was just scraping at Katrina's mind. So she fixed it all. And no one really cares. But its not sitting there offending Katrina any more, so that's good. Chances are it was bothering Megan too. What am I talking about? Anyway... Katrina also took a good chunk of the morning to fix and return the Galleries De Arte to their place on the page. Even if you didn't miss them, we did. Am I missing any pieces from it? I can't remember anything else, but well... yeah... I also put up a stupid survey. We'll see what happens with it. Maybe it won't last long. Also added the "Not Quite Daily Image" section. I hope it'll be kept up. Heh. Oh, and moved the Ani Quotes link onto the Lyrics page because its no longer nifty enough to be its own section. Sorry aNi. We still love you.

04.13.2001: Katrina and Megan came up with and idea for a stupid random and Katrina (being the practitioner) fumbled it up onto your screen. Enjoy. Actually... if you enjoyed it I'd probably be frightened... ehh *smacks self*

04.02.2001: I got the ani quotes up, some randoms (if you all hold onto your panties the rest will be up soon) and scribbled (which we usually don't talk about on here.. but this seemed a special occasion at this point in time.. er.. I'm saying we don't scribble much anymore.. it's getting late..) Umm.. ooh I added the link to the links page at the bottom (although Katrina made the links page yesterday) and there are many picture galleries I restored yesterday.. Oooh I remember the other think i wanted to fix today but will have to intend to later.. that's the arte gallerie. Wheeeeee

04.01.2001: Look what I found! You can see everything we did at one point in time. Of course most of this stuff isn't in existance anymore.

01.20.2001: There are more new puns.

01.16.2001: Sorry guys. The only content we can seem to get up here is image galleries.

01.14.2001: Two silly new image galleries.

12.21.2000: There are some new puns.

12.3.2000: Hum... you guys might have to refresh this page to get updates as well, especially if you visit often... but there's a new piece of inspiring artwork in the Gallerie de Arte. I've also added four new random sounds that I found. Aaaannd another new random. They're getting renewed quick lately, so check the archive to see if you've missed any. Don't forget to refresh. Whee... I also wrote something, but I didn't know where to put it.

12.2.2000: 'nother new random. Go refresh the index and clickclickclick.

11.24.2000: New RANDOM (see main page).

11.6.2000: New pun

11.something.2000: Hey now! Some where here in all recentness I (katrina) added a random and a new picture gallerie! But some how the updates aboot it got erased. Pooh. Meggo? Are you making sure you have the newest one before you update?

10.25.2000: I (megan) added a new pun and got a new messageboard. go post.

9.16.2000: Made a few of the links on the aboot page actually work.

9.4.2000: The X-Sisterhood has gotten a make over. We've weeded out some things, and added others. Enjoy!

8.10.2000: Katrina added some more Ani Quotes. See, Ani loves Japan too.

8.8.2000: Katrina added a piece to the Arte Gallerie.

6.22.2000: Katrina added three pieces of dorky art and yet another image gallerie; Pictures from Awhile Back.

6.10.2000: Megan added a bunch of puns, and deleted the message at the top of this page, because all it was really doing was comparing us to the male dorks, which was exactly what was making people think we were affiliated with them and had copied them, etc.

6.6.2000: Megan added a new picture gallerie, Pictures From That Envelope. And later, after too much work and effort, Katrina added a new picture gallerie named Pictures from the Weekend.

6.3.2000: Created the Lyrics Archive. A place where me and Meggo can store our favorite lyrics of the day. For more information, consult the Introduction.

6.2.2000: New pun, slight changes here and there. Also added an index of chicky sounds so that they are easy to find and even alphabetical. Ooooh, aaahh. Officially changed our name to the Enlighted Chickypis. Oh yeah, and there are no more memberships, just Friends.

5.30.2000: Two new addtions to the Gallerie de Arte. And don't worry, they should be sensitive-dork friendly.

5.25.2000: Woah! Hey, guess what? The Sisterhood has a completely new section. Its the Arte Gallerie. Its a place for all the beautiful artwork that we create here at the Sisterhood. If you have a piece of art that you would like to contribute, feel free! Though, we do reserve the right to tell you your art sucks, and if that's the case we won't put it up. Ehehe. ^_^

5.23.2000: Added a new picture gallery of pictures I saved off of Joe's webcam a while back while everyone was having a dork party without me.

5.20.2000: Added a new pun.

5.14.2000: I got bored the other day and changed the linkies on the main page.. they're bright.. preeeety. I also got really bored today and decided to go see what blogger.com had to offer. It looked kind of cool so I signed up for an account and made a blog thingie, which can be found here.. I sent things to some people, so more than just us can post things on it, if you didn't get an email about it, and wanna do stuff, email me and I can set it up. I still don't really know exactly what we're going to do with it, I guess everyone can just post random links, updates, announcements, etc. on it. Whatever you want.

4.30.2000: There's a new picture gallery with a nice movie in it of us enlightened chickypies as we were a few months ago. ^_^

4.28.2000: Wow, it's almost been a month since the last update. Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, we have a new random. Weird in the way some things relate to life, eh? This is the first random not intended to be funny, though perhaps it is anyway.

3.31.2000: New random, created an images folder and a sounds folder for organization. Katrina, could you check the imaginary gf sound? it doesn't seem to be working.

3.30.2000: Added another ani quote and a very bitter scribble entry.

3.29.2000: Added a few more yoyoyos to that random. Realized that all the sounds on the page had bad links, so went and changed 'em all. Isn't moving fun? grr... Oh, i also got to laugh at a wonderful guestbook entry.

3.28/29.2000: (the clock chimed midnight as I was typing this...) Officially moved to redrival.com. Huzzah! Moved the cucumber random out of the archives and put it on the main page. Changed the name of the main page to index.html so that you don't have to type the sister.html. Realized that this would cause problems with all the return home links. Said "aww shit". Went through and changed all those frickin' links. So now whenever you return to the hompage you think of me. ^_^ I also made a redirection page for the old sisterhood address and deleted all sister related files from altern.

3.27.2000: Made a preeety picture and put it on the Lil Liza Jane page. Added another ani quote, and a random cucumber page.

3.25.2000: Wrote a shrub story.

3.23.2000: Created randomnes archives. Took the unorganized little picie-poos off the main page. Couldn't decide which one to leave up for this undefined period of time, so decided I should prolly make a new one. But I'm not done yet. So there.
A while later: Added the new random thought. Now I'm expecting *everyone* to participate!

3.22.2000: Added a bit o' music and some cheese. I dunno. All the little images are begining to look cluttered. What would y'all think of making an archive and then having a new random tidbit each week or something? Eh? It's time for the peanut galleries to voice their opinion. (oh dear can't believe i just said that) Oh yes. If anyone has an image they'd like to donate that they thought was particularily spiff by all means do. One last thing...does anyone know of a good band geek site? I was looking around...all I found was TGI. Maybe that could be a future project.

3.21.2000: Made a list o' the galleries, added some organ pictures with a warning page.

3.20.2000: Uhmmdeedum. Altoids, altoids. Click on the Altoids.

3.5.2000: Made an updates page, added another punny joke, the cow and a crappy message board. I think it could use some better customization, which I'm not up for right now, but all the info is in our hehe.com inbox if you want to do anything with it, katrina.