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Here's the answers you've all been dying to know.. (taken from survey responses)

If one and half chickens can lay one and a half eggs in one and a half minutes, how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick allthe seeds out of a dill pickle? (submitted by the Katrina)

"2.6" -"Sefy"

"there are no seeds in a dill pickle stupid" -Joe

Yeah there are...pickles come from cucumbers and cucumbers have seeds.. they don't de-seed the cucumbers before they pickle 'em, do they? and don't call me names. :P

"um, KE = 1/2*m*v^2 (or something)" -Unknown

"7.46 minutes" -Nichole

"if the monkey knew what he/she was doing... how about one and half seconds" -Bekichan

"20.9.1" -Srgt.Bob

"aproximatly 2 hours" -Azaelya

"2 seconds" -Lana

"ahh Katrina you need to find something better to do with your time than making up crazy questions :)" -Paula aka Miyakochan!

I didn't make it up! Aichan did!

"didn't take time to read that question" -Mithrander

Can you explain the picture of the middle east hanging on Alec's refrigerator? (submitted by Pete)

"in a past life alec's dad was arab, he used to lead a caravan through the middle east" -Nate

"yes, he likes it" -Joe

"no" -Srgt.Bob

"not yet" -Nichole

"barrrroouuu?" -Unknown


How come they call them french poodles even though they originated in germany? (submitted by Jason)

"same reason they call german chocolate cake, 'german chocolate cake', because the guy who founded the recipe had the last name of German. That's my guess." -Karoline

"becuase they like 'French' fries" -Nate

"Shut up jason" -Joe

"they traveled to france and acquired french accents making all think they are french because how would we know better? assuming humans are the "they"...." -Bekichan

"cuz they taste like french fries" -Srgt.Bob

"Those French just want to take credit for everything. First the poodles and now the french horn that didn't come from France, geez." -Paulachan

"they don't always and they didn't" -Azaelya

"cause they were drunk" -Lana

What does the machine that goes 'ping' do? (submitted by Sefy)

"makes a sandwich" -Gez

"suck the life out of humanity" -Azaelya

"it goes ping" -Nichole

"rings people's bells" -Bekichan

"hmm..." -Paula

"hits a ball around a machine that has little flippers good fun good fun" -Lana

Why do they have braile on drive by atm machines? (this person didn't leave a name.. but I think I know who they are.. teehee)

"For the almost blind" -Mithrander

"well hopefully they are not for the person driving. Maybe for people walking around" -Paula

"the joy of idiocy...terribly underrated" -Azaelya

"dude..i have no idea...they have that at the library too...retards! idiots!" -Lana

If you were to create a flavor of gum what would it be? Any special effects? (submitted by Beki)

"chocolate" -Mithrander

"pizza,gives u wings" -Srgt.Bob

"random" -Gez

"im a minimalist...bubble and peppermint make me happy" -Azaelya

"a meal gum..like on charlie and the chocolate factory...like it would be potatoes and then milk and good stuff like that..." -Lana

What colour does a Smurf turn when you choke it? Sub question: Which smurf is most chokeable? (submitted by Azaelya)

"puyple...I don't remember their names....grandpa smurf?" -Mithrander

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