[Pictures from Graduation Parties 2003]

[Pictures from Graduation 2003]

[Remember These?]

[Pictures of Your Eyeball]

[Pictures from the Nuclear Reactor]

[Pictures from the Synchrotron Radiation Center]

[Pictures from When It Turned 2003]

[Pictures from Christmas Break '02]

[Pictures from Anime Central '02]

[2001-2002 Girls Soccer!]

[Random Music Pictures]

[This Gallerie Has No Theme]

[Pictures from Prom '02]

[Pictures from WYSO]

[Pictures of That New Band]

[Goofy Gabe Pictures]

[Pictures from B-Town]

[Pictures from NSLC]

[Pictures From the Last Day of School]

[Pictures of Graduation and a Resulting Party]

[Pictures of Physics Extra Credit]

[Pictures From a Random Storms Party]

[Pictures From Natalie's Birthday Party]

[Pictures from Italy]

[Pictures From Florida]

[Pictures from Awhile Back]

[Pictures from Jazzfest '01]

[Pictures from Paula's Camera]

[Pictures from Dinner]

[Pictures from All Over The Place]

[Freaky Joe Pictures]

[Pictures from the Bluff]

[Pictures from the Envelope]

[Pictures from the Weekend]

[Pictures from Wednesday]

[Pictures from Thursday]

[Pictures from Friday]

[Moving Pictures from Shrub Class]

[Old Screenshots]