Out the window of the airplane. Airplanes are not fun in 8 hour segements. Gyah! But I really couldn't believe that these were real. Mountains! Ahh..
We rented this car for the time we were there. It doesn't look it, but it was tiny! All the cars there are... everything here is so oversized compared to Europe. Wah.

The first place we stopped. Its so beautiful, looking back, I'm sure it wasn't real.

You knew there were going to be pictures of flowers, after all, I did get to take a lot of these pictures.
My daddie says that this is a NATO base. I believe him... heh.
Okay, that's me mum. This *was* a family vacation, yo. Its hard to avoid the family part.
The Natalis. They were our neighbors for the bit of time that we lived next to them. Err... yeah. They're real nice. We ate dinner at their house and got to see our old house.. the outside at least.
This is at the train station..

This is at the Colosseum.. there were people walking around in costumes, that's how big a tourist place it is. Oi. It was still nifty.

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