From our point of veiw, it all started Freshman year. We had known the dorks prior to that, due to the miracle of advanced placement classes, but it wasn't until around November '99 that we all started coming together. Then came that fateful day at HTML class when the dorks started their very own National Brotherhood of Dorks Commune. That page has come a long way, and isn't so much of a collective any more, but back in the day, us chicks we inclined to join the Commune as well. We submited our info via the handy dandy form, and then realized that if we joined, we would hardly be 'brothers'... infact, we'd have to be Sisters. This was an interesting new way of thinking.

We eventually came to the realization, that we had no real say in the Dork website and were basically powerless. Thus, came the fight for recognition and equality among dorks. We wrote a few essays on it, but when we were ignored we eventually resorted to less dignified methods. One night, the authors of this site, Megan and Katrina, who somehow knew the stupid password the dorks came up with for their site, uploaded The National Sisterhood Of Dorks. It had a hot pink background and contained a picture of us, a load of Ani quotes, and a few complaints to the male dorks. The start was rough, with many threats of deletion and numerous password changes. We were eventually forced to move the chick page to our own server, but we didn't mind all that much... it was easier that way.

Slowly, the page expanded with random little things we added daily. Then, one special day, the King Dork declared that the link to the Sister page would remain on the brotherhood page. We were very proud that we had won that tiny bit of respect. There was harmony for a short while, but the chicks recieved many groans and complaints from the male dorks about the hot pink background, so the layout changed. The Sisterhood was transformed into a mostly black page, with the number pi in the background. Megan amazed and awed the entirety of dorks with her skillful manipulation of tables and all were pleased.

That is... mostly. After that, there came about a series of happenings. Relations between the Brothers and the Sisters became complicated. The Sisterhood renamed itself to the Enlightened Chickypies and became totally independant of the Brotherhood. The Ex-sisters realized, that while they were dorks, there was a lot more to them. This time in the life of the page could be compared to the Age of Enlightenment in Europe. The chickypies were dabbling in new ideas and identities. Meanwhile, the website flourished with new content at the very least once a week. Although not all of it made sense, it all held some special significance and the Chickypies even gained some outside (ironically male) friends. There was not a day when the message board was silent. Both Chickies look back on this time with fondness, and yet, they know what happened to it all. The enthusiasm and fun slowly faded away. For some reason updates became fewer and relations with others faltered.

Then came the summer time. Also known as The Chickypies Go To Summer Camp. Katrina was gone for an entire month, and with out her Megan was at a loss. Then, when Katrina came back, Megan left for a few weeks to her camp. Again, nothing could be done. Each chickypi always lacked either the inspiration or the enthusiasm to get something done. The page was at a complete and utter stand still. It sat, lonely, with the same layout for the entire summer.

When the chickypies once again were both at home and the school year had started up again, they realized that it was time for a fresh start-- something new. And yet, it couldn't be too drastic, because school was more hectic than ever. Katrina decided to do all that she could think of-- she inverted all the colors. Black became white and white black. It was basically the same layout, but a shock visually to any frequent visitor returning. The chickies tried as best they could to come up with new content, but there was a severe lack of time. Unlike the dorks, chickypies get very busy with schoolwork, sports and extra curricular music activities. And then came the parties! This was a very surprising change! It seemed the chickypies were developing a social life. Each weekend now contained movies and pillow fights and friends, instead of hours on the computer. This was also during the rise of Catharsis (previously Cleavage Deep). One day the chickies got the idea that the band should have a webpage, and took it upon themselves to build it. This also contributed to something foreign to the girls-- popularity. Now, I'm not going to go so far as to say that the Female Dorks had become, well, popular.. but a different class of people started smiling at them in the hallways. Catharsis members had reasons to talk to them. They were slowly getting to know another, much larger group than themselves. All of this made for great fun, but only helped the page in one way-- the chickypies took pictures of the events they took part in and made many a silly image gallery.

During this period of time, another important thing happened, though. The chickies finally agreed on a place to buy webspace from, with the eventual goal of getting a domain name. Their new home was It was all very exciting, and yet... the page never reached the heights it had seen during the Enlightenment. Without the male dorks visiting much, the chickies found that they were probably the only ones that viewed the page.. and yet, that was okay. The page started slowing down again after a little bit, and both chickies wanted to save it, but didn't know how. Katrina, in a desperate attempt at freshening up the page's image, once again changed the entire color scheme. This time from white and black to pink. And a lovely pink it was, if I might say so. [^_^] Still, no one seemed to care. There were a few very small rises in the life of the page, but all came to naught.

Then, on that fateful day-- March 14th! Pi day, White Day, even! It happened. Everything gone. All the image galleries, puns, randoms, peices of art... gone. Deleted. Phpwebhosting had a harddisk failure. And yet! There was hope! 70% of users had 100% file restoration! Perhaps.... perhaps.... but no. Everything was gone. Of course the part of phpwebhosting's backups that malfunctioned was the part with our stuff on it. And of course, we, being naive and foolish, didn't back up our files either. While most all of the chickypi's site was lost, the damage was not as bad as initially thought. There was a lot of stuff that we did have stored on our computers... just none of it was stuff for the Chicky site. All of this was a considerable blow to us. It was very unexpected and sudden. About a year's worth of work had just been whisked away to might-as-well-have-never-existed-land. The chickypies cried(or at least Katrina did). But then, Megan, realized that this was a wonderful chance to start over. Perhaps this was what the site needed. A(nother) fresh start.

It was then that the chickypies decided (for the umpteenth time) that they needed a domain name. Now this search had been going on for close to half a year. The idea had always been appealing, but the individual parts never came together in the right way. Finally, after many attempts, our great love for the beauty of mathematics led us to register! (and there was much rejoicing *yay*) Still, after going through all of this, the chickies felt that they were pretty nearly the only ones that cared for the site.

This brings us to now. We've gotten a bit of enthusiasm and given the site a new layout, this time making use of purple, frames, javascript and css. There is still a lot of restoration and fixing to do, as well as new content to be discovered, but we're making it. As always, the site will never be 'complete'. It is, by definition, a work in progress, just like you and me. I hope that whatever you find here will make you laugh-- or a least raise an eyebrow. Now, with all of that said, please enjoy

Now, a bit of time later, I feel that another paragraph is due. Asymptotical has received yet another gorgeous make over by the lovely Megan. We've never done blue before, so we'll see. The design was inspired by asymptototes themselves. Yay. Apart from the new look, Asymptotical has again made it through an entire summer! *clap,clap,clap* Even though Katrina was gone an awfully large bucket of time and Megan, too, dissapeared for a good chunk, the site lives on. Huzzah!